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Climate Targets

December 11th 2015 was a historical day. World leaders and politicians signed a protocol for a legislative instrument relating to new climate goals. The Adoption Of The Paris Agreement was a fact.

The practical implementation of these goals for individuals, organization and businesses requires creativity, organization power and money, aspects which are of influence on the daily routine of an organisation.  If your company struggle with this, why not hitch a ride with a movement that is already is on track and should be strengthened. The Mobile Factory is such a movement.

How do we contribute to the climate targets?

Debris is, in a worldwide perspective, the biggest environmental killer and polluter. It is caused by disasters, wars and urban growth. Debris has always been seen as waste, something without any value. But debris can be re-used for valuable building materials and rapid, safe, and CO2 reduced constructions. No longer we fully have to use polluting, natural resources.

Already 3.876 stones collected


This reduction on the environmental impact creates at the same time  opportunities for victims disasters, fugitives and people at the bottom of the pyramid. The method creates jobs for unemployed, uneducated people, trained to become constructing specialists, with the purpose of building their own homes. Re-use of construction waste encourages local  economies, promotes social participation and develops economic and environmental awareness amongst people, businesses and authorities at all levels of society.

How can you help realizing the Climate Targets?

The Mobile Factory is currently working on Petit Paradis.  A pilot project in Port-au-Prince the capital of Haiti, where numberless victims after 6 years still suffer in soggy tents from the earthquake of January 12th 2010 and where nature is devastated by millions of tons of rubble.

Petit Paradis is a future small community of 30 families, which will be educated to build their own community. Starting this will be an example to the world of how underprivileged people can be supported by self development. So if you support this pilot we both become part of a movement, which supports the accomplishment of the climate goals, but also helps breaking the poverty cycle, for which we equally share the success.
Our architectural master plan is ready, the building plot is available and our trainers are stand by. In order be able to realize the model homes we need a budget to build them. Together we build this movement stone by stone for €5,00 per building block. Thanks to you the Petit Paradis community and its followers will be able to take their future in their own hands.

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