A cook stove for Haiti

Open fire cooking is causing a lot of health and other problems in Haiti and other third
world countries.ACE-Philips Lesotho Smokeless Stove Hi-Res In 2012 WorldWide over 4.3 million people died of cook smoke inhalation by open fire and dirty fuels. Mostly women and children are affected. It also causes a major environmental impact; cook smoke forms up to 15% of all human CO2 output. Moreover  the unsustainable use of fuelwood and the manufacture of charcoal leaded in Haiti to catastrophic deforestation.



Those facts were reasons for Philips to design a cook stove that would solve these problems. The final stove principle is as follows: air is forced into a combustion chamber at the top and bottom of the chamber. Intense heat at the bottom vaporises the fuel (wood, biomass) and the injected air burns the vapour as a combustible gas.

The flame is smokeless once the stove is running, and because the fuel burns so efficiently, the stove also uses far less fuel than a conventional fire. To contain the extreme heat, high-tech materials are used.

The Mobile Factory creates safe homes from transformed debris. A safe way of living, includes a responsible way of cooking! With each completed home for our project “Petit Paradis“, we donate a cooker to the corresponding family.

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April 28, 2015

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