• The Mobile Factory has developed a concept whereby concrete rubble, caused by natural disasters, wars and urban renewal, is transformed into a series of related building elements. With this, any building shape and design can be realized for low-rise buildings up to a size of 60 m2.
  • The factory fits in a container (watch the video >>), is therefore mobile and can be placed, completely self-sufficient, at the desired location. Local parties can contribute to the realization of vital communities.
  • Check out the new website at www.plugandplayhousing.com

Purpose economy


  • Plug & Play Housing is a socio-economic development of the social reconstruction project of The Mobile Factory in Haiti, applying the knowledge developed to enter the Tiny Houses market.
  • The houses are easy to build on the basis of a manual and simply to reconfigure because of the fact we don’t use mortar. The construction is therefore mobile and fully C2C.
  • Plug & Play Housing is a commercial activity with both economic, social and environmental values, based on the foundations of the purpose economy.
  • Economic profits are partly donated to Fair Life Foundation, for the benefit of (re) construction projects, such as those in Haiti.



  • Growing market for small, affordable homes of 36 – 60 m2.
  • Ecological relief of the environment on different scales.
  • Self-sufficient, no infrastructure facilities required. Fullt C 2 C.
  • Increasing social demand for a sustainable, self supporting lifestyle.
  • Value for money: mobile, worthy and comfortable, customized small homes.
  • Great variety of design from standardized construction elements.

Any shape & design

Plug & Play services


In collaboration with partners specializing in Off Grid facilities, Plug & Play solutions have been developed for:

  • Electricity – solar panels and energy storage
  • Water – purification (rain) water
  • Sanitary – bio composting system
  • Heat – pellet-stove method
  • Interior – modular compositions


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