Our partner PARO made the production site available for the recordings of the film, broadcast on October 3rd by Discovery Channel. At the time, Haiti was hit by hurricanes that made 1.5 million victims homeless. Very little has been written about this by the international press. All attention was focused on the disaster in Florida and St. Maarten. Haitians are a strong people and always manage to hold their heads up high. Thanks to our donors, sponsors and partners we can lend them a helping hand. Meanwhile the rainy season has arrived in Haiti and the hurricanes have caused a lot of atmospheric disturbances, resulting in excessive and long spells of rain. The hurricanes have destroyed a lot nature, leading to the bare land drying out and the rain having no grip on the hardened soil. Mud shifts are not inconceivable. That is why, in consultation with our partners, we have decided to monitor the situation during the rainy season and to wait before crossing. The containers are stored in a depot at Boskalis, which handles transport, customs clearance and delivery of our facility at the production site in Haiti. We will keep you informed of further developments through our newsletter and web site.

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