October 27 was the day. In front of guests and the press, a demonstration of the transformation system that can turn construction debris into Lego building blocks took place in the production hall of Metaalindustrie Qumey in Maarssen. Sponsors and donors, contacts from Haiti, Ecuador, the Philippines and several European countries were present and encouraged to take part in the production process themselves. An overall, a helmet and a rubber mallet, these are the instruments to make your own earthquake-resistant house. According to the familiar adage “You can build anything from Lego”, especially women went to work with great pleasure.

The Mobile Factory has formed a partnership with the Haitiaanse Vereniging in Nederland (HVIN, Haitian Association in The Netherlands), which provided for a typical Haitian atmosphere with singing, dancing and Haitian snacks. Together with the HVIN, The Mobile Factory called on the guests to help the country, ravaged by hurricane Matthew. A spontaneous fundraising was organised.
“Earthquake-resistant building is now a fact. Earthquakes are not the cause of the countless deaths and injuries, it is the construction debris that is fatal. So now we can no longer ignore it. “The world can no longer afford to have whole populations be wiped out by poor construction methods,” says Gerard Steijn.

The Mobile Factory, in its inclusive concept, made room for services and products that reinforce each other. In the meantime, a flexible composting system is being developed, the Village Pump of Rob van Opdorp is a fixed component in projects and, on the initiative of Momentum Capital, a project is being organised for the shelter of underprivileged children. All of this is incorporated in the first Haitian-Dutch housing corporation called Haiti Housing Community.


The Mobile Factory which was shown to the public will be set up in Haiti at the beginning of 2017 for the realization of the pilot project Petit Paradis. The future residents will build their own, safe houses under the guidance of trainers from The Mobile Factory. Financing of the project is made possible with the proceeds of training for staff members of the sustainable business. With the aim of dimensioning the solidarity, the identity and the brand experience of the company, staff members, under the guidance of our trainers, build Lego houses as a symbol for the future residents of the Petit Paradis.

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