On April 14th 2015 the General Assembly meeting of S(P)EEDKITS took place in Amsterdam. The Mobile Factory was the lucky one to organize the meeting with the help of our partner Momentum Group.

FV__5631     FV__5628

The S(P)EEDKITS partners in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway and Germany presented their ideas on:

  • innovative lightweight though durable and thermally insulating tents,
  • novel concepts for bio-energy use (from human waste for the sterilization of the very same waste),
  • light weight textiles to store and distribute water and
  • smart packaging (transportable bags on euro-pallet in 10-feet container)

Furthermore during the General Assembly  innovative ideas were presented on debris recuperation and re-use, and use of waste materials for energy and resource recovery on the principle that reconstruction starts soon after the victims of the disaster are recovered. The day was a great success.

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