Impact Hurricane Sandy

All the rivers in southern Haiti have burst their banks resulting in damage to farms, homes and infrastructure.

Facts and figures
29 confirmed deaths; 08 wounded; and 04 missing
18,796 people evacuated to 136 emergency shelters
5,981 affected families
1,811 houses flooded; 1,885 destroyed; 2,089 damaged.
GoH has disbursed 897,443 USD in emergency funds for response to TS Sandy
Preliminary damage assessments conducted in 209 camps, indicate that 84 of these, hosting 5697 families, suffered some damage. Verification of these findings is ongoing with cluster partners. Distribution of 900 tents in 3 camps is ongoing in collaboration with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
Water treatment equipment and potable water are available to meet the needs of fifteen thousand (15, 000) families.
3,433 NFIs have been distributed to evacuation centers in Les Cayes and Port-au-Prince.

The cholera epidemic remains stable. However, there are reports of new cases in some camps in metropolitan Port-au-Prince. The situation in Gonaive appears stable. Cluster partners are concerned about the probability of an upsurge in the coming days.

Distribution of cholera prevention kits is planned in 30 camps. Pre-positioned cholera response stocks are available at thirteen (13) regional branches of the Haitian Red Cross. These include: Oral Rehydration Salts (260,000), gloves (13,000), soap (19,500 tablets), Aquatabs (2,260,000 for 15,000 families), 6,500 plastic buckets, 650 jerry cans and 650 body bags.

The Ministry of National Education has made available 17 school premises to serve as temporary shelters during the crisis. Several temporary shelters identified before the storm are also being used to accommodate evacuees.

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