The Mobile Factory counts 162 Crew Members! These are all motivated enthusiasts who are using their networks and/or talents to help make our campaign successful. We hope to be able to further expand the number of Crew Members with your help. After all, many hands make light work, and network x network x network x 1 dollar = lots
of money! Lots of money means we can offer lots of help to families who really need our support. We want to be successful together with you and share our success with you.

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To celebrate the Crew Members, who have been tremendously supportive during our first Dutch Crowdfunding campaign, we’ve had a statue designed, which is displayed on our campus in the Port of Amsterdam. The statue was designed by concrete artist Martijn Troost using our Lego building blocks.

During the unveiling of the statue on June 4th, 2015, our youngest Crew Members Misha and Finn also attended. Their heartwarming reaction was:

We think all children in the whole world should have a house as beautiful as ours.


Would you like to come to our campus to see the statue and our model houses? There are open days during the entire months of June and July. We hope to see you there. Please register here.


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