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Welcome to the page where you can register as a Crew Member for The Mobile Factory. Our Crew Members are committed individuals and organizations which we are asking to mobilize their networks in support of our project in Haiti. We’re not asking for substantial financial support, just a $1  from each of your contacts, which will be enough to break down 25kg of rubble. More is always welcome of course, but we’ve deliberately developed a formula in which we’re asking just $1  from many people. If we reach our target it’ll mean that together we’ll have raised enough to recycle truck loads of rubble into high-quality building blocks. It’ll mean our success will be the success of our Crew Members. For more detailed information about the Crew Memberschip click here.

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As a Crew Member you will be informed about all our future developments and help us to spread our message.

To become a Crew Member please write an e-mail to with the subject “Crew Member”

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Many hands make light work

We cannot rely on financial support from governments or NGOs, so we’re focusing our attention instead on our Crew Members, socially responsible individuals and organizations that want to support our project by donating $1 and mobilizing their networks to do the same. In this way we can rely on a powerful group of connected individuals to make the seemingly impossible, possible: a pilot project that will realize the construction of safe homes for 30 families. Families, still having to survive in inhuman accomodations, more than five years after the Haiti earthquake of January 2010. At the very least this is unacceptable, but more importantly it’s avoidable.

The key to success is in your hands

As a Crew Member you’ll be the key to our successful formula at, where, after enough Crew Members have registered, we will start up a crowd-funding campaign. We’ll then start clearing up, literally and figuratively. During the campaign we’ll make sure you’ll be able to keep your network up-to-date with relevant information. So join us, and send the url, to as many of your contacts as possible. Send it to your international contacts too if you think they’ll support our initiative, and ask them for a donation of $1. Among our Crew Members we will also be holding a lottery, the prize of which will be a visit by two people to our building project in Haiti later this year.

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