From concept to project

The Mobile Factory starts the realisation of the demonstration project “Petit Paradis”, at the outskirts of the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Under our supervision, 30 families will build their own earthquake-resistant houses. If you want to promote this project, then convey the message of The Mobile Factory within your network. Join the crowd funding campaign and become a donor, sponsor or partner. Any form of support is welcome.


Recently, The Mobile Factory has managed to distinctly present itself worldwide. Publications have appeared and videos have been made in 55 countries ( and resulting in an avalanche of requests for operational assistance. Unfortunately, we cannot offer such assistance. To do this, the organisation must be scaled up in organisational and financial respect, which is planned during the realisation of our demonstration project Petit Paradis. To achieve this, we really need our crew members, partners, social ventures and donors.

Sponsor participation

All investments related to the realisation of the demonstration project “Petit Paradis” can be sponsored and, together with the donations, will enable the realisation of the “revolving fund”; a fund in which the proceeds flow back and are used for the realisation of new projects. You can become a sponsor for just € 5,000.00, which entitles you to:
– placing your logo on the social venture page of our website;
– placing a message with photo in the next newsletter;
– expressing your support for The Mobile Factory in an unlimited way through your own communication channels to desired target groups.


  • Haiti Housing Community S.A. (HHC)– HHC is the first Haitian-Dutch social housing corporation which is the owner of the houses
    – Future, assisting residents earn a salary during the training and the self-construction because they are the construction workers
    – 1/3 of the salary is withheld by HHC as a deposit for the house. The remainder may be repaid in 10 years
    – Management and administration of HHC under Dutch management for the time being
    Participation: Subordinated loan 3% – 5 years.
  • Project “Petit Paradis”.
    Petit Paradis is the demonstration project at the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, where 30 families jointly build their own 23 houses.
    – 2 model houses
    – Water management
    – Energy supply
    – Sanitation (funded)
    – Infrastructure
    – Development of a formula to duplicate worldwide
    Participation: Subordinated loan 3% – 5 years.
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Founding partner


Social ventures


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